Annie and Josh Wood

First of all, thanks so much for Mabel.  She is gorgeous and so intelligent!  We have had her home for about 2 days now with no accidents.  It was so much nicer to pick her up as an older puppy (as you suggested).  No midnight whining and we have only been taking her out once a night – then she’s good until morning!

She is so calm with the kids and has settled into our family perfectly. We have already been stopped by several people asking about her unique coloring and how calm she is. Can’t think you enough for this sweet girl.

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Don & Peggy Hanson

Meet Snow

We are Don & Peggy Hanson, Twin Falls, Idaho. We have raised a family and over 10 German Shepherds as pets in our 36 years together. We have found this breed especially good with a large family, as they are very loyal and protective. Normally we have two at the same time to keep each other company. (more…)

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Greg H

Just a quick update on Kojak. He is doing GREAT! He is completely “potty” trained (only have 2 accidents), he sits and stays and is doing better and better on a leash. He is super quiet when he is outside and very mellow with the kids. He does the typical things that puppies do, but he is proving to be a great companion and pet for us. (more…)

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Terrie Kanning

Here is a pic of Aspen in the fire truck….every time you open a door she is up in the seat and ready to go. I started bringing her to work with me here at the St Maries Fire Department, as she was very skiddish of people. I started out socializing her with the people walking in and out of the station. (more…)

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Kay Laton

I have two of your fabulous Shepherds. Rio now 4 yrs old is a white shepherd
Silver Mountain saved when she was only a few weeks old. She is a lovely sweet
natured charmer and a great grounding influence on her adopted “brother”. (more…)

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